Cash Management & Working Capital

Working Capital Optimization: An Approach to Unlocking Enterprise Value

Working capital has traditionally been managed in a siloed, component-by-component basis. Solutions to improving efficiency were often designed to address a single component of working capital. That left Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Inventory optimized locally, but not across all three, or across currencies or global operations. This led to local efficiency but global inefficiency, waste and sub-optimal cash management. Advances in cloud based ERP and corporate performance management solutions (CPM) are offering companies of all sizes 20/20 vision in terms of working capital including cash balances, cash inflows, and cash outflows.

This webinar recording will help you use your new-found visibility and treasury capability to optimize your global working capital strategy.



World Class Treasury Management: A Battle Plan for Success

The entire paradigm of treasury management has changed over the past few years from a focus on back office operational efficiency to being a strategic partner across the enterprise.

This webinar recording, delivered by former Director of Treasury Services for the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP), focuses on how to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the current and emerging responsibilities in the arena of treasury, and understanding how to access the professional resources your treasury department needs to succeed in any environment.