About us

Whether your treasury prefers a true SaaS solution or your requirements warrant an installed solution with web access, GTreasury is the one and only treasury management system (TMS) you will ever need. GTreasury’s TMS offers users a full suite of solutions that shed light into an organization’s cash and liquidity, manage exposures and risk, and automates and streamlines all repetitive treasury processes. GTreasury’s world class worksheets, system flexibility, and ease of use quickly accommodate our customers’ needs of today while preparing them for the changes of tomorrow. Celebrating its 30th year in business, GTreasury’s treasury technology and customer service have matured to greater breadths and depths than any other liquidity management system. With all development and resources focused entirely on only one TMS application, GTreasury is able to help any global treasury operation illuminate its liquidity.


Cash Management, Financial Instruments, Banking, Accounting, Funds Transfers, SaaS & Installed Platforms, and Illuminating Liquidity